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2024 Decatur, Illinois Election

  • Election Day: Nov 05, 2024

Macon County, Illinois residents will vote in the Primaries on March 19th, 2024 and in the General Election on November 5th, 2024.

Note: This page is under construction. Additional offices and candidates will be added soon.

The only local seats in contention are for Coroner, which has three Republican candidates and one Democrat candidate.

After the March 19th Primaries, either local party may slate candidates for vacancies - i.e. seats the party didn't run for in the Primaries.

Macon County Democrats slated several candidates in 2022.

There will also be state and federal races on your ballot.

Note: I have not reviewed precinct committeeperson races, and some of those may be competitive.

Additional Information:

  • As of January 17, 2024, this and other 2024 election pages are under construction.
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Note: Information on State & Federal candidates will be added a later time. Decatur Vote's focus is on Decatur & Macon County, so State & Federal coverage will be minimal, likely directing you to others' resources.

2023 Decatur Election

  • Election Day: Apr 04, 2023

The 2023 Consolidated elections cover municipal offices like city council, school board, and several others. These elections are technically non-partisan in most municipalities. That means candidates do not officially run as a political party.

See the 2023 Election Results

Voter turnout is typically very low in municipal elections, at least in Macon County.

There are no primaries this year.

For Election news, see the Election Story Page

For Other Municipalities, see Macon County Elections

See Candidate Writeups for the latest platforms or navigate the offices below.

2023 Macon County Election

  • Election Day: Apr 04, 2023

For Decatur, see 2023 Decatur IL Election.

This page is for all elections voted for within Macon County, except for Decatur. This includes Argenta Oreana, Central A&M, Cerro Gordo, Clinton School Board, Maroa Forsyth, Meridian, Mt Pulaski, Mt Zion, Okaw Valley, Sangamon Valley, Warrensburg.

This is a preliminary list. These are municipalities which have school board candidates that will be voted on by someone in Macon County. There may be other offices for municipalities not listed here.

We primarily cover Decatur Elections so this page may not be filled out extensively.

This page will be updated with more information soon. All School Board candidates will be listed soon.

2022 General Election

  • Election Day: Nov 08, 2022

The 2022 Illinois General Election consists of U.S., State, Judicial, and County positions. County positions include County Board, County Clerk, County Treasurer, Sheriff, Superintendent of Schools, and Precinct Committee Persons. Judicial includes Appellate Districts, Circuit Court Districts, and Illinois State Supreme Court. State positions include Governor, Illinois Senate, Illinois State House of Representatives, Attorney General, Treasurer, Comptroller, and Secretary of State. U.S. positions include U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives.

There is also a ballot measure which would create an Illinois Constitutional right to collective bargaining.