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Feb 15, 2024: Decatur Vote is Temporarily Closed. See the announcement.

2024 Decatur, Illinois Election

  • Election Day: Nov 05, 2024

Macon County, Illinois residents will vote in the Primaries on March 19th, 2024 and in the General Election on November 5th, 2024.

Note: This page is under construction. Additional offices and candidates will be added soon.

The only local seats in contention are for Coroner, which has three Republican candidates and one Democrat candidate.

After the March 19th Primaries, either local party may slate candidates for vacancies - i.e. seats the party didn't run for in the Primaries.

Macon County Democrats slated several candidates in 2022.

There will also be state and federal races on your ballot.

Note: I have not reviewed precinct committeeperson races, and some of those may be competitive.

Additional Information:

  • As of January 17, 2024, this and other 2024 election pages are under construction.
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Note: Information on State & Federal candidates will be added a later time. Decatur Vote's focus is on Decatur & Macon County, so State & Federal coverage will be minimal, likely directing you to others' resources.