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We take user privacy very seriously, and want you to understand how we use your information.

If you login to or register for this site, this privacy policy applies as well as the User Privacy Policy

About data on our site

How we store data

We keep nearly all submitted data in a database which is accessible by this website. This database is protected by a password we keep secret, and can only be accessed from our website backend. When files are uploaded, those are stored in our website backend - usually not in the database. The website backend can only be accessed via a different secure password. All data is stored indefinitely. It may or may not be backed up or deleted in the future.

Backups of data

We may, at any time, backup data from this website and its database. In such a case, backups will be reasonably secured to prevent public access.

Hacking and technical errors

We take reasonable precautions to protect against unauthorized access to private and secure information. However, errors do sometimes happen with software, and hacking is a very real part of the world today. An error in our code, with our web hosting company, or a mistake in account administration could result in private data being exposed. Hacking could also result in private data being exposed. In submitting data to us, you understand these risks exist, and will not hold us liable in such a case.

Law Enforcement

We may share private and personal information if we are legally compelled to do so, such as if we are subpoenaed for information. In such a case, we will make reasonable efforts to only share the information that is legally required.

Who has access to information

At launch of this website, only the single website administrator & developer will have access to any non-public information. We may, at any time, approve others to access private information for the purposes of furthering our business. This may include employees, contractors, or volunteers.

We will not sell your data to anyone.

We will not share your data with third parties except in furtherance of our business. This means, we may add your email address to MailChimp or a similar service to handle email marketing. We may provide your mailing address to a company like for a marketing campaign we conduct. These are just examples. We will not share your data for the furtherance of others' businesses (such as for another company to send you advertising).

What we store & how we use it


We use cookies on this site for user registration & login. We may use cookies for other purposes, such as certain settings or to track recent page visits (only if you enable them). If we are adding any cookies for tracking (login, recent page visits), there will be a confirmation at that time. If there are cookies for settings from which we cannot reasonably track an individual, there may not be an explicit confirmation.

Feedback Forms

We store the information you submit in our feedback forms. We review submitted feedback and use that to improve our site. We may also display feedback publicly (in part or whole). Personal & private information should NOT be included in feedback you submit. We will not intentionally share personal information from feedback forms. However, we may, at some point, automate public display of feedback we receive. We make no guarantee that any information submitted in a feedback form will be kept private.

Contact Forms

When you contact us, we store information in our database and send an automatic email to one of our team members. We will only use this information to communicate with you and for internal business purposes. Internal business purposes includes, but is not limited to, developing new features, marketing strategies and media, and business plans. We will not publicize anything submitted in a contact form. Your message may be discussed among team members.

User login / registration

User Login, Registration, & User Profile privacy policy is governed by this document AND the document found at Terms & Conditions

Candidate Information

All candidate information submitted to the site may be displayed publicly, except for a limited amount of information that is explicitly kept private. Private information includes the email address you use to login to your candidate account and the password you use.

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