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Macon County's 2024 Open Seats | FOIA Request

Original Report written by Reed Sutman on . Updated .

On November 19th, 2023, Decatur Vote received a Facebook message asking us to update the site with 2024 election seat info. I responded two days later that I've been behind on election stuff, but would send a FOIA to the County Clerk for this list.

The day after receipt, I sent them the list below, and soon after setup a simple elections page to consolidate election information.

County Clerk Josh Tanner returned an August 28th Press Release showing the following offices will file in Macon County by December 4th, 2023:

  • Precinct Committeeperson
  • County Board Member districts 1-5
  • Auditor
  • Circuit Clerk
  • Coroner
  • Recorder
  • State‚Äôs Attorney

There may be other local offices, for which candidates do not file with the County Clerk, and therefore are not listed here.

State and National candidates also do not file with the County Clerk.

In follow-up emails, I asked Tanner for a list of these other offices, and Tanner responded "I won't have that list until the State Board of Elections certifies it to me on January 11th. Just send me an email after that date and I will send you a copy of the certification."

He also sent me a list of candidates who had filed in his office.

I plan to update the site with detailed election coverage in mid-to-late January 2024. Most candidate interviews will likely be conducted after the March 19, 2024 Primaries.

The filing date was December 4th, so I sent Tanner an email today, December 5th, requesting an updated candidates list. I'll publish the updated list within a few days after receipt.

Request Details

  • Purpose: To get a list of Offices being voted on in 2024.
  • To: Macon County Clerk, Josh Tanner
  • Short-Name: 2024-election-seats


  • Sent: 2023-11-21
  • Response: 2023-11-21



The request I sent was:

I request any documents detailing offices & open seats for the 2024 election in Macon County.


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