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2022 Election Winners

Macon County, Illinois

Updated November 16, 2022
Results are unofficial
Next Election: Apr 4, 2023

County Board

District 1 Vivian Goodman (D),
Bill Oliver (D),
Karl Coleman (D)
District 2 Andrew Hogan (R),
Grant Noland (R),
Jeff Entler (R)
District 3 Jacob Horve (R),
Mary Scott (R),
Kristen Larner (R)
District 4 Edward Yoder (R),
Kevin Greenfield (R),
Ryan Kreke (R)
District 5 Debra Kraft (R),
Greg Mattingley (R),
Linda Little (R)

School Superintendent

Macon, Piatt Macon, Piatt
Dewitt, Livingston,
Logan, McClean
Dewitt, Livingston,
Logan, McClean
Clark, Coles,
Cumberland, etc...
Clark, Coles,
Cumberland, etc...

State Leaders

Lieutenant Governor
Lieutenant Governor
Attorney General Attorney General
Secretary of State Secretary of State
Comptroller Comptroller
Treasurer Treasurer

IL State House

96th District 96th District
87th District 87th District
88th District 88th District
95th District 95th District
107th District 107th District
Statewide Statewide

County Wide

Clerk Clerk
Treasurer Treasurer
Sheriff Sheriff

Ballot Measures

Worker's Rights Worker's Rights
0.4% Ambulance Tax,
Hickory Point
0.4% Ambulance Tax,
Hickory Point
Prohibit Alcohol,
South Wheatland
Prohibit Alcohol,
South Wheatland


6th Circuit 6th Circuit
5th Appellate 5th Appellate
Retain Judy Cates (D) Retain Judy Cates (D)
Retain Karle Koritz (R) Retain Karle Koritz (R)

IL Supreme Court

Thomas Vacancy Thomas Vacancy
Killbride Vacancy Killbride Vacancy

IL State Senate

44th District 44th District
48th District 48th District
54th District 54th District
Statewide Statewide

U.S. Congress

Senate Senate
13th House 13th House
15th House 15th House
Statewide Statewide

Federal Control

U.S. Senate 50 Democrats,
49 Republicans,
1 undecided,
Vice President can cast tie break vote
U.S. House of Reps 209 Democrats,
217 Republicans,
9 undecided,
218 Needed for control
Governors 24 Demcorats,
25 Republicans,
1 undecided

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All the Macon County and Illinois races are pretty much certain. The State doesn't finalize results until November 29th. Up to date results about federal control are available on Reuters. I wrote about the election results with additional context. I wrote an analysis of how democratic our local elections are.

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